Static Grid at Neidklub

Oct 2011

Invited by Vice magazine Raurouw follows the chance to test a laser constellation in its natural environment. The Neidklub situated, as one of the most progressive clubs in Hamburg, directly on the Reeperbahn offers its space for an art event.
In the history of Neidklub, lasers have never been installed. Thereby the invited guests were facing a totally new experience entering the main space reutilized by RR.
In contrast to the calssical laser show RR’s installation „the perfomative“ surprised the visitor with a static grid, supporting the spaces geometry. While clubs use lasers to underline the sounds and beats in its dynamics, „the performative“ deaccelerates the guest with its symmetric structure interfering the moving crowd. The classical laser show dictates the dancers performance while „the perfomative“ allows the visitors to interact with a subtle experience of the space’s structure. Two dominant laser geometries just leave a quotation of the original space in a dark smoked room.